Dissolution of Marriage

Our law offices provide legal representation in divorce cases in Florida and Puerto Rico. In both jurisdiction if parties reach an agreement regarging all aspects, including custody, child support, and division of assets and obligations, the spouses can file an uncontested divorce, and the agreement will have to be approved by the court with jurisdiction. If the parties cannot reach an agreement the only way to dissolve the marriage is by filing an action for dissolution, and the legal grounds for said action will depend if the case is presented in Florida or Puerto Rico as the applicable laws are different. You should seek professional advice as to your rights before you reach any agreement, as applicable laws are complicated, and require informed legal evaluation.

                            Prenuptial Agreements

Our law firm provides legal advice and professional services in the drafting of a pre-nuptial agreement if you are getting married and you don’t want the rights established by law to apply if you later dissolve your marriage, or if you die. By law a spouse has certain rights that can only be waived through a pre-nuptial agreement, or disclaimer of rights and you should seek legal advice as to these rights before you take the important decision of marriage.